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Our mission is to spread love throught the heart symbol, that’s why we have gathered the largest collection of heart-shaped items and items with hearts.

Whether you are looking to buy a gold heart shaped locket as the perfect gift for your girlfriend or just want to treat yourself with a couple simple yet charming love heart mugs or heart leggings for yoga classes or just looking for a heart shaped bath towel we got you covered!

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We started the Heart-Shaped Project for all those people like you who bring color and joy in a world where hate is becoming more and more visible (no more powerful though).

We are working hard to build a global movement through a wide amount of simple but powerful actions and we are achieving this goal thanks to our community composed by thousands of people like you.

We’d also love to recommend you our friend website Marketing Ilustrado and it’s wonderful blog post “Cuanto cobrar por ilustrar un cuento o la portada de un libro”

Because we know that there are many more lovers than haters, we want our tribe to also become more and more visible through small symbols that can identify us, even if it is something as simple as wearing a red heart logo on a white t-shirt you will be telling the world:


We simply want to make easier for you to find items that spark love so we’re gathering for you all kinds of heart-shaped items, items with hearts printed or anything heart related, and when we say all kinds we do not lie, we have t-shirts, sweaters, glasses, mugs, and much more. But if you can’t find an article don’t worry, simply contact us and we will bring it for you, because our mission is that you find your style in a single click.

To make it more accesible for everybody, all the products we share will redirect you to amazon through an affiliate link. This way you’ll receive your items quickly and with the amazon warranty.


The rules are simple, take the hate out of your life, and start spreading love around you. Did you already do this before visiting us? Then congratulations! You were already a member of the most powerful tribe in the world without even realizing.

The next step, and the reason we started this project, is to identify all the members of this tribe. To do this we have compiled on this website a large number of articles with hearts, so that you can show everyone that you are part of this global movement.


If you are a little more discreet, you can also find t-shirts with red hearts on them, mobile covers with hearts that you can wear at any occasion or you can find heart-shaped kitchen utensils to give love through your dishes and desserts.