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Heart-shaped Space


Spoiler alert: Everybody loves our heart sweaters

Heart clothing catalogue by categories

We know that you love to wear hearts in your clothes to show the world that you are a lover and not a hater, so we have selected clothes with hearts with more style and comfort so you can find clothes that define your personality and at an affordable price for all audiences.

Besides heart garments, we also have:

Why buy heart clothes?

Among all the articles with hearts that you can buy in, the heart clothing is undoubtedly the favorite collection of our tribe, for many good reasons, but especially because it is the best way to transmit to the world your own personality and style on any occasion.

We know that the clothing that has hearts printed on it is very special, so when you buy this type of clothing, these should last a long time in good condition, so you can wear it and spark love for a long time. That’s why we only select top quality garments, and above all, comfortable to wear, because it does not make sense to buy nice hearts clothes and have it stored in your closet because you do not feel comfortable wearing it, right?

What is the clothing brand with the red heart logo and two eyes?

The clothing brand known for their red heart shaped logo with two eyes is actually a casual luxury line of the brand Comme Des Garçon, this casual clothing line is known as Commes Des Garcons Play and it was created to become a more accessible line than the rest of their brand, however they still are a luxury line so the prices are usually higher than the rest clothes with hearts.

What is the meaning of Commes des Garçons?

Although the brand was created for the Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, Commes Des Garcons is a French sentences and its translation to English is “Like boys”, it seems that this name originally came from the love song “Tous les garcons et les filles”, that means “All the boys and girls”.

Does Heart-Shaped Space sells clothes with the two eyed red heart?

In our space, you can buy garments with heart with eyes printed on it, however, and although we love Commes Des Garcons Play designs, we do not directly sell their garments with their heart logo, and of course we do not sell any kind of imitation.

What kind of person wears clothing of hearts?

If you have your own personality, you like to be different, and above all, you want to bring color, love and joy to the world, you are the ideal person to wear heart-shaped clothing, whether you are a woman, a man, a boy or a girl, as we have the most complete collection of clothing for all audiences. Take a look below to see our featured collections for each audience.

Hearts clothes for men

Put a heart symbol in your garments to show that you are a different man who makes his own way

Anatomical hearts clothes for men

Not a big fan of the typical heart-shaped symbol? Look four our clothes for men with anatomical heart printed on them.

Women’s hearts clothes

Buy cute hearts clothes for women and join our worldwide tribe. No matter if you prefer clothes with big red heart or just a regular t-shirt with a small heart logo on it, you can find them all here!

Anatomical heart clothes for women

Looking for a different garment? Check out our collection of anatomical heart clothes.

Hearts clothes for children and toddlers

The most complete collection of heart garments for toddlers & children