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Heart-shaped Space

Heart Shaped Stones

Heart stones are one of these details that makes any environment warmer and lovely. Just spread some of them somewhere on your living room and observe how beautiful they are ♥

Heart shaped stones

Our favorites heart shaped stones

There is a great variety of heart-shaped stones, but we are sure you’ll find the perfect set for you at the best price in our catalogue!

In addition to heart-shaped stones we also have:

buy heart shaped candles

Heart-shaped candles

What types of heart shaped rocks do we have?

There is a huge variety of heart stones of different kinds, and colors. Here you can buy from a red heart shaped stone to a rose quartz with the shape of the love symbol.

We recommend to buy a pack of 20 or 30 heart stones and put them in different places of your home. You know, a couple over here, a few over there…They will make your house even a warmer place and it will only cost you around $20.

We have to admit that our favorite pieces are these heart shaped amethyst clusters. Aren’t they magical?

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