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Heart-shaped Space


Heart pendants or necklaces are elegant complements, perfect for any occasion, which will perfectly reflect your personality.

Choose the style of your Heart-Shaped Pendant


Sterling silver heart-shaped necklaces

14k Yellow gold heart shaped pendants

Heart shaped pendants with gemstones

Pink heart-shaped necklaces

Why buy heart-shaped pendants?

Stop touring all the shopping malls because in our store we have the largest collection of heart pendants. Forget about having to choose between a few options in a conventional shop, thanks to the Heartshaped Space Project, from the comfort of your home you can see an extensive catalog of heart necklaces, choose the one you like and send it where you want. The coolest designs are the first to run out, so hurry up!

The heart-shaped necklace is a trend that does not go out of fashion, which can be reinvented in a thousand different ways so you can continue to combine it with all the clothes in your wardrobe. This is a complement for true lovers of color, love and passion. This type of accessories identifies us as original people, unconventional and capable of transmitting good vibes to everyone around us.

To be oneself does not understand of age nor of context and with the pendants of hearts you will be able to show your passion for the symbol of the love in any occasion. Also, both girls and boys can wear a pendant with a heart, do not cut yourself in wearing what you like, get rid of your shyness (if you have something) and wear one of our heart necklaces or make the perfect gift to someone who is passionate about this symbol.

You can be sure that your new accessory will be with you for many years to come, as the heart necklaces are made of high quality materials to withstand everyday use for years to come. So you can keep that cheerful and colorful look for as long as you want. You can find jewelry hearts large or small, silver plated or materials to give a finish gold, silver, matte or diamond so you can choose the combination you like.

No matter what style you are looking for, here you will find from economic heart necklaces to the most exclusive collection of gold and diamond heart shaped pendants.

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