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Heart-shaped Space


Heart-shaped cakes, heart-shaped eggs, heart-shaped ice cubes, heart-shaped ice creams…seriously, think about it.

silicone heart shaped mini cakes

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Heart shaped muffin and cookies molds

You put so much love in your baking, don’t you thing it should have the love symbol shape?

Heart-shaped cake pans

A heart’shaped cake is good for any occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Annyversaries or simply to say thank you to this special person ♥

ON SALE! You'll save $0.55 POKALI 6 Inch Silicone Heart Shaped Rainbow Cake Baking Pans, Heart Cake Layer Pan Set, Non-Stick Silicone Cake Bakeware Mold,4tray Baking Flexible...
ON SALE! You'll save $3.00 WBJKZJD Charlotte Cake Mold Aluminium Kitchen Accessories Decoration Christmas Wedding Family 3D Charlotte Cake Pan (Love heart shape)
ON SALE! You'll save $2.00 Good news Deep Heart Cake Pan with Removable Bottom 6',2 PCS Aluminum Push Pan Cheesecake Pan Chiffon Cake Mold for Oven Baking
ON SALE! You'll save $7.00 IBILI Heart Shaped Springform Pan Cake Mold Non-Stick With Loose Base For Baking - Made In Spain - 8.6' x 3' - 22cm x 7.5cm
ON SALE! You'll save $1.00 LepoHome 2 pcs Aluminum Heart Shaped Cake Pan Set DIY Baking Mold Tool with Removable Bottom - 6 inch & 8 inch
ON SALE! You'll save $3.00 Nuogo 3 Pieces Heart Shaped Cake Pans 8 Inch Aluminum Cake Pans Heart Cake Mold Funny Cake Tins for Baking DIY Baking Mold Tool for Kitchen Birthday...
ON SALE! You'll save $1.06 Goeielewe 2PCS Heart Shaped Cake Pan Silicone Cake Mold Baking Pans Non-Stick Cake Bakeware Mold, Chocolate Baking Tray Valentine's Gift - Pink&Blue-gray...

Heart-shaped pancake molds

Besides heart kitchen molds we also have: