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Heart-shaped Space


Nothing like a red dress with hearts printed to make you feel beautiful and radiate good vibes.

Why buy dresses with hearts?

You’re pretty and you feel sexy. We already know that, otherwise you would not be in this store looking for your heart clothes, your accessories, everything that goes with your lifestyle. But also, if you buy one of these dresses with hearts you will have the perfect garment to reflect your personality in any occasion. You already know how hearts attract attention when they are printed on a beautiful short dress, how everyone looks at them when they are part of that red dress with white hearts that we offer you at Heartshaped.

There are so many occasions when you can wear your heart dresses, when you go out with your friends, when you want to let your spirit free and energetically more joyful and full of love, when you want, when you feel like it. Because you want to show your legs, because you feel feminine, because they fit very well with the rest of the beautiful things we have in the store. We know that you like to combine your clothes and that these heart prints are perfect for you.

Besides heart dresses we also have: